Friday, June 24, 2011

Diehard Tea Lovers Unite!!

Sometimes it's really good to laugh at yourself and I have to say that I laughed out loud when I found myself really convincing a good friend of mine that it makes absolute sense to travel with your own tea travelers kit. However, I'm not referring to any tea travelers kit but rather the diehard tea lover travelers kit or more affectionately known as the DTK.

I'm a good packer. I rarely check in any bags on the plane and I travel with only the sole essentials. When I travel for more than a weekend I tend to pack a little more and take 2 carry-on bags on the plane which obviously means that I am bringing more items with me. I try to prepare for a few things such as torrential rains by packing a jacket and umbrella, scathing heat by packing shorts and a t-shirt, unknown toiletry situations by packing my own soap, and bad tea by packing my own electric tea kettle, mobile teapot and travel size tea.

The general consensus is that I'm going overboard with the electric tea kettle and I have to completely disagree. On this particular trip I developed a gnarly sinus infection and it kicked in quick! I knew that the only way to naturally combat the sore throat and pain which was sure to come would be with a really hot organic lemon and ginger green tea. Well, rather than having to fiddle with the coffee maker in the room and their horrible selection of terrible tasting teas, I jumped into action with bottled water, an outlet, the kettle was done boiling in seconds and the mobile teapot was filled with tea from the travel size tea and water. Within a minute, I was on the bed giving the sinus infection the finger DTK style.

I only really laughed at myself when I sat on the bed and looked at my tea set up just to realize that either I'm the smartest person in the world or a dork in the making. Either way, the sinus infection had met it's match.

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  1. Martin, I found your tea at the Vitamin Shoppe (I found your website/twitter after looking for additional stores in my area) several weeks ago, and I can't get enough. I've already been through two packages (thank you for making them recyclable, by the way) of the green lemon/ginger. As I type, I'm actually sipping cherry rooibus and introducing a friend to your wonderful product.

    Yes, I travel with my own bags and have been called a "tea snob" more times than I can recall. A teapot??? A little much :) Nevertheless, good luck as your company continues to grow, and thanks for your contribution to an industry that means so much to some of us.

  2. Hi Camille,
    Really happy that you are enjoying the's our life's work to bring you quality tea and in a really unique way.
    All the best,