Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tea Time on Vacation: When Only The Best Will Do

While on vacation in Miami, my best friend, whom I am visiting, rants and raves about his new Keurig system that he adores. He, an engineer, enjoys a good morning cup of joe or tea like the next guy but the on and on about his system forced me to put it to the test. Now, while I don't partake in the morning joe I chose to find a good tea flavor that I could enjoy. He carried a few traditional flavors that are commonly used by most consumers via Celestial Seasoning. I sat down and prepared a couple flavors and I have to say that it was decent. It's the closest you can get to a fast cup of tea without the steeping process.

Now, there is always room for improvement with anything so I'm not going to do a deeper dive on their product line but the quality of the tea could improve vastly especially with the green tea. Unfortunately, it tasted very processed and needless to say I didn't ask for a 2nd cup. My palette has been slightly more refined in the last few years but most people can taste a good green from an ok green tea.

I thanked him for the morning experience and kindly asked if he had a stove top kettle because I carry my own tea (shocker!!!). He said he did not because the Keurig system eliminates the need for a tea kettle if you buy the pods. He followed that up and said it would dispense hot water through one of it's settings. So, I did the most reasonable thing I could to get my cup of tea for the morning. I put the Mobile Teapot under the system and let it run. I turned to him and said "that's the most expensive hot water dispenser I've seen in a long time". The look he gave me was priceless.

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  1. The Keurig system seemed to have worked beautifully. To everyone that has a "coffee" system at home, time to switch it up and use it to make and enjoy the best TEA around..... Village Tea. It will change your perspective as it did for me!