Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being Behind the Brand: Lights, Camera, Action, RUN!!

I dislike being on camera. I mean really hate it. The on the fly ad-lib improv stuff and I just don't mix very well. In my current role there is a lot of camera time because I'm the loudest mouth piece for my company - Village Tea . What I don't like the most is the fact that I forget everything that I am about to say right before they start with "so Martin, tell me about.....". As soon as my mouth opens up everything is fine but the lead in sucks and what's worse is when you KNOW you flubbed a line. Case in point:

For The Dr Oz Show, I was a nervous wreck. The rehearsal was great until the audience showed up and the producers said one final thing "oh, we're live to tape so don't mess up". At that point my hands turned into a waterfall and my flight or fight syndrome was telling me to RUN!

I've been trying to get a grasp on why I am so nervous being on camera so much and I have landed on the fact that I am very conscious of how I present myself and concerned that I'll slip and say something idiotic. What's worse would be to not say anything on camera at all which at that point I'll go jump off a bridge afterwards. I don't watch myself after a taping more than 2 times because I turn into super critic and I've been known to pull a Biden before so I try at all costs to avoid a Biden moment.

I'll leave with 3 tips that help me get through a live interview.
1). Get the questions ahead of time and study them diligently.
2). Practice multiple versions of a response rather than a canned response to keep it authentic and smooth
3) Pray for rain if it's an outdoor interview and a power outage if indoors.

This is the only interview in 3 years that I have ever liked. Enjoy!

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